A voting member shall be a member in good standing. All new members shall be in good standing for thirty (30) days before they are entitled to vote or hold an office.
Each member shall be entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote. A vote may be cast orally or in writing. Only members who are present and in good standing (meaning they have paid their dues currently and satisfied all conditions of Article VII.A) may vote. When an action, other than the election of directors, is to be taken by a vote of the members, it shall be authorized by a majority of votes cast by the members entitled to vote, unless greater vote is required by statute.

Whenever the conduct or character of any member shall injure, or be likely to injure the welfare, interest, or character of the Club, he may be expelled there from by a quorum of nine (9) Directors, after a thorough investigation of the charges preferred.
Membership may terminated by the board of directors on the occurrence of any of the following events:
       (a)   Failure to pay dues by the first Monday of February of the
               membership year.
       (b)   Failure to satisfy the requirements of Article III.A of this article
       (d)   Conduct which, after a thorough investigation by the Board of 

Directors of any charges, in the view of the Board of Directors has injured, or is likely to injure the welfare, interest or character of the club. Termination under this provision shall require a two thirds vote of the entire board of directors.
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Constitution and by-laws of the Frankenmuth Conservation Club

The name of this organization shall be the “FRANKENMUTH CONSERVATION CLUB”.

The purpose of the Club is the promotion of social welfare of the people of the Saginaw, Bay, Genesee and Tuscola County areas in matters of conservation importance.



Anyone, who is a resident of Saginaw, Bay, Genesee, or Tuscola Counties, eighteen (18) years of age and an American citizen is eligible for membership. Applications for membership shall be in writing, signed by two (2) Directors, filed with the Secretary, and shall be acted upon at the next meeting of the Board of Directors. All proposed members are to be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors